4-H / Junior Fair Exhibits

Junior Fair Premium List

ALL entries for Junior Fair items MUST be pre-registered by July 1, 2017.


For complete rules and regulations and a complete list of exhibits, please check out the  2017 Premium list.

Animal Exhibits (Depts. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8):

Stop by the animals barns to see the Dairy,  Beef,  Swine,  Sheep,  Goats, Horses and Ponies,  Poultry,  and  Rabbits exhibits.  Check out the Judging Schedule to see when various species are being judged.

Dog Obedience and Showmanship (Dept. 9)

This event will be judged on Wednesday evening of the Fair.

Small Animals (Dept. 10)

Small animals are brought in on Thursday of the Fair between 1:00-2:00, and then taken back home.

Plant & Soil Sciences — Field Crops, Vegetables and Fruit Crop Exhibits (Dept. 14):

Youth participate in growing various field crops, and home grown vegetables and fruits.

Flowers and House Plants (Dept. 15):

From Asters to Zinnias – check out the Flowers and House Plants entered by the Youth. 

4-H Cloverbuds (Dept. 17):

Our youngest 4-H members, in grades Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, enter in their own special categories.  They display creative projects that are handmade and always neat to view!

Cultural Arts (Dept. 18):

4-H members create beautiful pieces of artwork in various categories.  Come see paintings, drawings, leathercraft, ceramics, and many other handmade pieces of artwork.

Photography (Dept. 20):

One of the most popular, 4-H projects offers fair-goers a great exhibit to view!  Walk through hundreds of photos taken by our young people, and leave amazed at their talent!  There are many beautiful and eye-catching photos to view and admire!

Natural Sciences (Dept. 16), Woodworking (Dept. 22), Electricity (Dept. 23) and Mechanical, Geospatial, Robotics (Dept. 24):

These categories show off some great projects where the 4-H members are learning valuable skills for the future.  Exhibits will include handcrafted woodworking items for the home, displays that show how electricity works, model cars, exhibits on robots.

Foods and Nutrition, Food Preservation, and Cake Decorating (Dept. 25):

4-H members bring in baked items for judging and display.  Stop by their exhibit in the Junior Fair Building to see the delicious brownies, cakes, and pies, as well as beautiful and unique decorated cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  4-H members also can try their hand at foods preservation and display canned fruits, veggies and jams or jellies.

Clothing (Dept. 26), Knitting and Crocheting (Dept. 27), Home Environment (Dept. 28) , Child Development (Dept. 29) Communications & Computers (Dept. 31), Youth Leadership (Dept. 33), and Health, Social and Political Sciences (Dept. 34)

Youth have the opportunities to learn new skills and display what they have learned at the Door County Fair.

School Exhibits (Dept. 35)

Youth in Kindergarten through 8th Grade (whether they are in a 4-H club, or other organized group), are able to enter and show off their projects that were made in school classes throughout the year.  Many Door County youth bring their science, social studies, English and/or art projects made in school to exhibit and have judged.


For complete rules and regulations and a complete list of exhibits, check out the Junior Fair Premium List.