Dairy Cattle

Open Class Rules Governing Exhibits:

  1. Exhibitors must furnish their own feed. Exhibitors will be required to furnish sufficient bedding during the Fair.
  2. Persons entering purebred animals will be required to furnish registration papers or other evidence of registration to the Superintendent when the animal is exhibited.
  3. In classes where there is no competition, it shall be left to the discretion of the judge as to whether or not the exhibitors shall be required to bring the animal into the show ring in order to be eligible for prizes.
  4. Entries open to Door County residents only.
  5. All cattle must conform to health regulations prescribed by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for exhibition at county fairs. This information can be found in the Premium Book.
  6. All animals must be the bonafide property of the exhibitor unless the exhibitor is the legal representative of the owner.
  7. Exhibitors are allowed to show only one group in each of the classes under herds and groups.
  8. Not more than two prizes shall be awarded an exhibitor under one prize or item number, and only one prize in group or herd classes shall be awarded one exhibitor. State aid will be followed accordingly.
  9. If there are six animals in any class, fourth premium will be paid.
  10. Stalls must be kept clean during the entire Fair.
  11. There will be no Champion or Grand Champion ribbons awarded if there is no competition.

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Junior Fair Rules Governing Exhibits:

  1. Exhibitors showing in the yearling or older classes must have carried these animals as a project in a previous year. Exhibitors who are 14 years or older at fair time may show yearling or older provided they can show ownership or managerial agreement prior to April 1 or the year they exhibit.
  2. Persons entering registered animals will be required to furnish registration papers when the animal is exhibited.
  3. All cattle in the Junior Fair MUST meet the same health requirements as Open Class animals.
  4. Junior Fair exhibitors carrying more than one animal as a project in the same class and item number, may exhibit those not shown in Junior Fair in the open class by purchasing a booster button (exhibitor’s pass).
  5. No animals shown in Junior Fair can be shown in the open class, except in making up Group Classes such as Produce of Dam or Get of Sire.
  6. Exhibitors are required to keep their stall clean at all times during the fair, and are responsible for tying their animals securely. Failure to do so may prompt the fair board to take disciplinary action.

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