Open Class Exhibits

2017 Premium Lists

Open class exhibits must be pre-registered by July 18th.   

Open Class Premium List

Open Class Entry Form

ALL entries for Junior Fair items MUST be pre-registered by July 1, 2017. 

 Animal Exhibits (Depts. 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, and 108):

Stop by the animals barns to see the Dairy,  Beef,  Swine,  Sheep,  Goats,  Horses and Ponies,  Poultry,  and  Rabbits exhibits.  Check out the Judging Schedule to see when various species are being judged.

Plant & Soil Sciences — Field Crops, Vegetables and Fruit Crop Exhibits (Dept. 114):

Exhibitors of all ages participate in growing various field crops, and home grown vegetables and fruits.

Flowers and House Plants (Dept. 115) and Natural Sciences (Dept. 116):

From asters to zinnias, you’re sure to see some colorful and beautiful flowers in this department at the fair!  Door County has lots of green thumb gardeners, and they love showing off their great flower entries!  You’ll see amazing exhibits of cut flowers, many varieties and colors of roses, potted plants and some creative arrangements using dried or fresh flowers.

Cultural Arts (Dept. 118):

This is an exhibit where fairgoers can see a variety of different projects — from scrapbooking to leathercraft, handmade jewelry to painting, and everything in between.  Door County is known for its deep arts culture, and in the Cultural Arts department, you’ll be able to see a snapshot of many different mediums of art.

Photography (Dept. 120):

Smile and say cheese!  The open class photography exhibit is a great collection of funny, heartwarming, creative and artistic pictures!  Exhibitors take color or black and white photos to match a variety of categories.  You’ll see pictures of nature, animals, families, kids, landscapes, marine scenes, celebrations and each photo tells a unique story and conveys emotions and memories through visual images.

Woodworking (Dept. 122):

Door County has many craftsmen who make beautiful items out of wood.  Be sure to check out this display.

Foods and Nutrition (Dept. 125):

Whether its baking cookies, cakes pies, quick and yeast breads or making candy in the foods department, fairgoers will be amazed by the delicious, mouth-watering baked goods on display!  There is always tough competition to win the Grand Champion ribbon or the Red Star Yeast Awards for outstanding yeast product.

Preserving the fruits of our summer harvest is becoming more popular and a great way to enjoy produce throughout the year.  At the fair, exhibitors bring in canned fruits and vegetables, delicious jams and jellies, sauces and dried produce.

Clothing (Dept. 126):

Another fair tradition is the exhibit of  clothing articles.  The clothing pieces are carefully cut out, pieced and sewn together.  These items are assembled using a keen eye to detail.

Knitting/Crocheting  (Dept. 127):

Many exhibitors make beautiful scarves, warm and cozy afghans and sweaters, and creative hats and mittens to display in this area.  Beautiful handiwork is made from wool, silk, and cotton yarns in a variety of stitch patterns to create pieces of art!

And, last but not least, the

Home Furnishings and Needlework (Dept. 128):

See the display of various needlework, and the handmade quilts and rugs, along with various room accessories, and refinished furniture.