Lottery & Gaming Credit

The Lottery and Gaming Credit provides direct property tax relief to qualifying taxpayers in the form of a credit on their property tax bill. For taxpayers who pay their taxes in installments, the entire credit is applied on the first installment.

You may claim a lottery credit if, on January 1, you were an owner of the property and used the property as your primary residence. Your "primary residence" is where you live at least six months of the year. You can only have one primary residence! You cannot claim the Lottery and Gaming Credit on business property, rental units, vacant land, garages or other property that is not the owner’s primary residence.

Once you have applied for a lottery credit, it remains on your tax bill until you move from your residence. You do not need to fill out a form each year. If you have purchased a new home, you will need to complete and sign a Lottery Credit Form, and return it to your county treasurer.  

If you no longer own the property or use it as your primary residence, you must contact the County Treasurer to have the lottery credit removed, or complete a Lottery Credit Removal Form

If you received your current tax bill and you did not receive a lottery credit that you qualify for, contact your treasurer as soon as possible. You will need to complete a Late Lottery and Gaming Credit Form. The late claim process is now done through the Department of Revenue website. Please note that the late form is only available from February 1st through October 1st. 

All forms can be found on the Department of Revenue website to submit electronically. WI Dept. of Rev.