Mediation is an economical, confidential, cooperative, problem solving process in which a neutral mediator assists individuals in clearly defining the issues in a dispute and reaching an agreement. The mediator does not take sides or make decisions. Rather, the mediator helps participants resolve misunderstandings and communicate more clearly with each other.

​ The court may order mediation while a matter is pending in a family court case. A party to a family court case may request an order for mediation at any time until the child reaches 18. Family Court ordered mediation is for communication and possible resolution of child custody and physical placement issues. It is not ordered for property division, maintenance, child support, or other financial matters; however, parties are free to retain a private mediator to resolve other issues.

​ Mediation may be requested in court for the judge to consider during a scheduled hearing. It may be requested by filing with the Door County Clerk of Court a completed Request for Court-Ordered Mediation, Form FA-4134V from lick here to add content...